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Gemini 2019 Horoscope Month by Month

As per the astrological predictions of , this month will be an adventurous one for you and your family. Gemini zodiac sign may be outgoing, but they are emotionally unstable at times. However, your love life will be active this month since you are holding nothing back. Based on the Gemini horoscope predictions , you are out to explore even your sexuality and love involvements.

Based on the Gemini compatibility , you crave for physical attention and romance, but at the same time, your spouse need be able to give you space to also deal with your career and social life. A chance for Gemini pregnancy this month is not possible since the mind is focused on other more important things that do not include having kids.

The February horoscope for Gemini is foretelling that this month your family will enjoy abundant peace and harmony since the stars are aligned to favor you. Marriage will be characterized by a lot of love and romance. Gemini children will be happy that much attention is given to them as needed.

The elders, on the other hand, will highly appreciate the care they are receiving from you. According to the Gemini yearly horoscope , your health will be excellent until the 23 rd of this month when you will start experiencing some minor health issues such as joint pains and mild headaches among other illnesses.

Gemini February 2019

You are therefore encouraged to rest and hydrate yourself enough. The Gemini February horoscope predictions reveal that your career will take a new turn since you will indulge in other things that you have involved yourself with.

You are looking to see if your skills can be applied in another area of work altogether. The Gemini sun sign is ready to take any risks that will push him or her in realizing his or her potentials. According to the monthly astrological predictions for , Gemini will be well off this month financially.

There is a risk of frequent infections, sleep disorders, metabolic affections, skin conditions, joint, bone, dental issues etc. This is why it is recommended to protect your health and do to the doctor at least for routine physical examination during Unlike other zodiac signs, you are perfectly capable of getting involved in two projects simultaneously.

Following a diet does not impede them from building a successful career.

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January 21, Full Moon in Leo: In the first decade of January , Mercury, the ruler of Geminis, is still in the couple house. It is the end of a cycle that started in November, which brings surprises in your love life.

February 18, Sun enters Pisces: Collaborations, associations and teamwork are extremely valued in the professional activity in February. In any case, this period also leaves enough room for competition and rivalry.

March 20, Sun enters Aries — Spring Equinox: March is a month full of opportunities for the career, the socio-professional status and the success. March , Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces: During March, you will reach your physical peak and their good mood is contagious. Nevertheless, they are not completely sheltered from troubles.

April 10 — August 11, Jupiter retrograde: When Jupiter is retrograde, you will experience a major energetic potential, directed towards home and family. They have the chance to improve their relationship with their relatives and to increase the comfort of their home. April 30 — September 19, Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn: Saturn instils in Gemini natives seriousness, maturity and a direct, unfaltering attitude in the relationship between partners.

Daily horoscope

April 24 — October 3, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn: Clearly, in April , there is a connection between your career and relationships. This might refer to relationships of collaboration, romantic relationships or relationships in general.

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May 18, Full Moon in Scorpio: June 21 — November 27, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces: Money and business represent an extremely important chapter for you throughout June , but especially during the last days of the month. June 21, Sun enters Cancer — Summer Solstice: For you, June is one of the brightest month of the year.

Their vitality and confidence are at the highest point. It is the perfect time for intellectual and creative activities. The students and those with jobs in the artistic and creative fields will shine in their activities. July 23, Total Sun Eclipse: Until June 28 of , some delays or other money-related issues may occur.

Gemini Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

Therefore, it is recommended for you to avoid making important transaction and caution regarding what you purchase and how you manage their money. July , Partial Moon Eclipse: This month, you enjoy an excellent state of health.

For recreation and relaxation during the demanding periods, massage and light and a balanced diet are recommended.

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August 12, Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus: In the current relationships, achievements and redefinition of the dynamics within their relationships will occur. Their connections will be put to test due to some serious decisions they must take. July 8, in Leo — August 1, in Cancer Mercury retrograde in Mercury retrograde, the ruler of Gemini, might lead to some uncomfortable feelings or tardiness during the last 3 weeks of June September 23, Sun enters Libra: The monthly horoscope of September for Gemini shows good signs for those who are looking for a new job.

The opportunities are closer than they expect and you will have the chance of approaching an already known reality from a new perspective and find your place in a new work scheme. April 24 — October 3, Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn: It is possible to enjoy spiritual fulfillment next to someone with whom they work or share common responsibilities.

A romantic affair in the workplace is not excluded. November 27, Neptune returns to its direct trajectory in Pisces: All month of October has an aura of chance, but, financially, the first part of the month is luckier. It is true that the natives will work more, but they will do it with more enthusiasm and more satisfaction.

December 22, Winter Solstice — Sun enters Capricorn: Additional income sources, financial opportunities, unexpected earnings. December 26, Sun Eclipse: Their energy is capricious, and the body needs to maintain a certain balance in order to function properly. Stress, proneness to intemperance and lack of precaution are the main enemies of Gemini in December.

May May 18, Full Moon in Scorpio: June June 21 — November 27, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces: July July 23, Total Sun Eclipse: